Just as you carry insurance on your house or car, website maintenance can insure your website’s continuity. With regular website maintenance services from David Miller Web Designs, you can give yourself the absolute best chance of getting your website back online as quickly as possible if anything should happen to it*.

Essential Updates

Updating WordPress Core Files, your site’s theme, and all your plugins in a timely fashion is essential and will ensure you have the highest possible levels of security.

Regular Backups

We use secure, off-site storage for regularly scheduled backups, so if your site should ever have to be restored, your backup is available immediately

Intrusion Protection

Hackers are constantly trying to break into your site to hijack it for their own malicious uses. We protect your website 24/7 and lock out these intruders.

Plans and Pricing

We offer three different tiers of Website Maintenance Service. The appropriate tier for you will depend on the activity level on your website, and how many registered users you have.


Pay for an entire year and get TWO MONTHS FREE!  Our BASIC plan at $15/mo is only $150 when purchased annually. Our ENHANCED plan at $30/mo is only $300 when purchased annually. And our best value, the PREMIUM PLAN will save you a full $100 when you purchase it for an entire year at $500.

What The Experts Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, listen to the people who have studied this for years.

Your WordPress website is very much like your vehicle.  …  it too requires regular maintenance to continue meeting the needs of your business and operating as it should.

Cliff Robbins

Founder, Cohlab

WordPress files (and plugins) need to be updated every so often to fend off evil-doers who seek out vulnerabilities in the website and expose them to wreak havoc, costing you money, time and adding stress to your life.

Brian Steck

Steck Insignts

WordPress needs to be maintained. Not just for the sake of WordPress, but for the overall health of your website.

Terry J. Opie

Founder and Owner, Opie's Computers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do Website Maintenance myself?

Sure you can! We will even be happy to tell you what needs doing. However, we have been studying this topic for years, and have isolated what we feel are the best tools to do the job, and learned how to use them effectively. If you would rather spend your time running your business or your organization, then let us take care of this chore for you.

What if I don't do any site mainenance?

You may never suffer any ill effects at all. The only things you really need to worry about are (a) mechanical malfunctions of your web’s hosting servers, and (b) malicious individuals trying to hack into your site. The hosts we use for our clients’ websites have outstanding reliability, plus they make their own backups. But you should know there are people trying to hack into your web site EVERY DAY. Our first line of defense is having a very strong password, and other defenses include detection of unauthorized login attempts, locking out unauthorized hackers, backing up your entire website, and regular scans for things you don’t want on your website.  You carry insurance on your car and your house, although you hope and expect nothing will ever happen. Regular website maintenance can make sure your site comes back on line quickly if anything bad does happen.

Are your prices a bargain?

The tools we use to perform all our maintenance services are quite expensive, with annual fees – but they are the best on the market. If we were providing maintenance services to just one or two sites, we could not afford these tools. However, through the power of our client base, we are able to offer these best-in-class tools for a very appealing price. We have researched more than a dozen other websites that offer website maintenance services, and none can offer the prices we do.

What if I change my mind?

Just let us know. If, for example, you hire someone who will take on this chore for you, we will simply refund any unused portion of your Website Maintenance Services payment. This does not apply to monthly billing – that will simply run out at the end of the month and not be re-billed. However, if you have purchased an annual plan, and six months in you decide to take on site maintenance yourself, you will have used up 6 months of your payment. Since you only paid for 10 months, your refund will be for the 4 unused months.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.