VIDEO Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions we hear frequently about putting VIDEO on a website. If you have a question you don't see addressed here, please feel free to ask us on our Contact page.



Should I put a Video On My Home Page?

It is frequently a good idea to put a "Hello" or "Welcome" video on your home page, depending on the purpose of your site.


If you have a business website, and you expect new customers to come to your site to check you out, then a short video on your home page will establish that you are a real person, not some "faceless corporation," and help your new customer to feel comfortable about who they're going to do business with.


How Long Should The Home Page Video Be?

No longer than one minute. If you can say all you need to say in 30 to 45 seconds, that would be ideal.


The reason for this is visitors don't want to have to endure anything longer than that. If your video is too long, chances are good they will just click away from your site.


Where Else Could / Should I Put Videos?

You can put videos on your site anywhere the content of the video is appropriate to the purpose of the page.


For example, if you have a Products and Services page, you might want to put up a video illustrating each of your products or services. If you have a Testimonials page, you might want to put up some video testimonials.


If you have questions, please call us for a consultation. There are many excellent places to put videos, and many different kinds of videos to use.


What's Involved in Creating a Video?

Creating a video is much more complex than most people realize.


One of the most important elements of creating a video is creating the script. The script must be well-written, it must flow smoothly and naturally, and it must eliminate any material that doesn't support the purpose of the video.


It is also important to record the video in a proper setting, with proper lighting and sound, with high-quality equipment.


The actual recording process usually takes much longer than people think it will, because the person being recorded, the one "acting" from the script, usually needs multiple "takes" to get the flow, the naturalness, and the words just right.


After the recording is completed, the video needs to be processed, edited, and produced. This means selecting which of the many takes are the best, splicing them together into one natural-feeling clip, adding any necessary header clips, trailer clips, titling, callouts, and sound underlayments, then rendering the edited product into a single video file suitable for uploading to a web server.


Finally, the completed video file must be uploaded to a web server, then integrated properly into your web page.


What Video Web Server Should I Use?

While we at David Miller Web Designs can host your videos directly on your website, we recommend you use websites dedicated to video hosting.


If you want your video to be private to your website and to have no other site's logos appear on it, we recommend a Vimeo premium account.


However, for most videos, videos that you would like other people to find "by accident" because it might increase your business, we recommend YouTube, the largest and most comprehensive video hosting site there is. If your video is hosted there, we can easily embed it in your web page, but other people can also come across it by accident, and through it be directed to your business.


How Much Does it Cost to Get A Video Made?

David Miller Web Designs can and will do all the steps necessary to get your video on your web site at our standard hourly rate ($100/hr as of November 2013).


If you need more advanced graphics, animations, and special music, etc., we work with video specialists and can get you a quote on that service.