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Most people with a business website eventually get to the point they'll say, "I want to be found on the Internet."


What they mean when they say this, is they want to go to Google (or Yahoo!, or Bing) and type in the type of their business and maybe their city or state, and have their website show up on the first page of listings.


Unfortunately, getting to this point is much more complex than most people understand. This page and the following pages are intended to help you understand more about it. In this section, you have this page, which is an overview of SEO, and these additional pages:


Search Engine Rankings

What You Need To Know

Inbound Links

Social Networking

SEO Frequently Asked Questions


Hopefully these pages will give you a much clearer picture of what SEO involves, and what it will take to implement it for your website.


The Two Types Of Searches - Two Types of Businesses

In the business world, there are those businesses thatsell their products and services to a natiowide audience, and therefore market to a nationwide audience, and there are those businesses whose customers are primarily local.


For example, you could buy a book or a sweater from anywhere, but you don't want to hire housecleaners or a windshield replacement person from four states away.


The type of business you have will determine where you should spend your marketing dollars.


For more information, please continue reading the other pages in this SEO section.