SEO RANKINGS - What's Involved


On this page, we will give you a quick orientation as to what types of rankings there are, what are keywords, why rankings are important, and what's involved in achieving higher rankings.


Types Of Rankings

There are essentially two types of Search Engine rankings: paid results and organic results.


Paid results are basically ads. When you go to a web page and you see a column of ads down the side (or across the top or bottom, or even embedded in the content), these are paid ads.


There are a number of different types of paid results (ads), ranging from text ads to banner ads to pay-per-click (PPC) to pay-per-impression.


If you think your business can benefit from paid ads, contact us, and we'll talk about getting you started.


Organic results are the naturally-ordered results that come from the search engines' robots scanning your site - along with every other web page on the internet - then attempting to match what they find with the search terms people type in.


With either type of search results, your ranking is how close you are to the top when these results are returned.



There is a lot of talk on SEO sites about the importance of keywords. They are indeed important, but first let's be clear what they are.


KEYWORDS are the words - single words or phrases - that people type into search engines when they're looking for something.


It is critical that you determine the best keywords for your business, and for your website. To decide what these keywords are, just answer this question: "What words will people type into a search engine when they are looking for what you're offering?"


It probably won't be just one word, or even two or three phrases. It will more likely be several variations on several words and phrases. It is important that you identify as many of these as possible.


David Miller Web Designs can work with you to help you determine your business's best keywords.


Why Rankings Are Important

Many studies have been conducted on why organic search rankings are important. Here's the short version of what these studies show.


First, about 2/3 to 3/4 of people who conduct an internet search look to the organic search results, and not to the paid search results. This makes organic search results about two to three times as important as paid results.


However, more importantly, better than 90% of clicks come from results that show up on the first page of results, with the vast majority of these clicks occurring for those listings in one of the top three positions.


Therefore, if you want to get more business from internet traffic, you need to pay some attention to keywords and your search engine rankings, particularly organic rankings.


What's Involved in Increasing Your Rankings

While there is an entire industry that has arisen dedicated to increasing search engine rankings, the truth is that no one outside the secretive development departments of the search engine companies themselves knows for sure exactly what it takes.


The more reputable (and expensive) firms have developed several theories they have tested and proven (somewhat) through helping their clients increase their rankings.


The current wisdom about how to increase your search engine rankings involves website optimization, inbound links from reputable sites, and social networking and reputation management.


This is a tremendously complex and involved field. If you are serious about increasing your search engine rankings, we will be happy to tell you which specialty companies we've found to be most reputable, but you should be prepared to spend several thousand dollars on this. If you have the time and the motivation to do a lot of the work yourself to increase your search engine rankings, David Miller Web Designs will be happy to work with you to show you what you need to do.


If by that previous paragraph you have gathered that we do not do this for you, you're right. We do many things, including basic SEO. But we are definitely not an SEO specialty company. Simply let us know what you want, and we will help you get there.