Page Types Available
through David Miller Web Designs


Page Types Table

The following table lists some representative page types we can provide on your web site. This is not an all-inclusive table, because there are many more types than we could list here. The table merely represents some of the most popular pages people will use.


Also, it is possible to combine two or more types of pages onto one physical page on a website; we will work to accommodate our client's needs.


Type Page

Template Page

This is the central design theme of the entire site. We design this page first, but it is never published, All other pages are based on the design created here, so the site will have a consistent look and feel.


Testimonials Page

This is a page where your visitors and/or customers can read comments of other visitors and customers.


Please see our own Testimonials Page for an example of one way this can be implemented.


Information Page

This is a page that contains only information, and possibly some smaller pictures. You will need to furnish the information and pictures you want displayed on each Information page.


Your home page is an example of what an information page might be. Other examples include an "About Us" page, or a "History" page.


Jukebox Page

If you have audio samples you want to include on your site, we will put them onto a Jukebox page.


You will need to send us the audio you want included. This can be either WAV or MP3 format, or you can simply mail us a CD. If you have digital files to send, please contact us about how best to get those files to us.


You will also need to tell us whether to include the entire sound clips you send, or if you want us to edit them down to an abbreviated version.


If you have just one sound sample for that page, it will be placed on the page with simple play/stop controls. But if you have several samples you want to have available on the same page, they will be placed in a single, easy-to-use jukebox.


To see an example of a multiple tune jukebox, click here.


Calendar Page

You can keep a calendar of your schedule right on your website, and update it any time you wish, from any web browser with internet access.


We will need you to establish an account with Google Calendar, put a few sample dates in the calendar, and provide us with your account access (logon ID and password). We will embed the Google calendar into your website, where it will display whatever information you enter into it.


(After we embed the calendar in your web page, it is a good idea to change your password so only you know what it is.)


To see an example of a Google calendar embedded in a website, click here.


Photo Album Page

The most flexible option we offer for displaying your photos is through a co-branded specialty photo-sharing site. If you want to go with this option, there will be an $35 a year additional fee to pay for that site's hosting.


For this fee, you can host UNLIMITED photos, and you can organize your photos into folders and albums, and you can add captions and descriptions to each photo. You can allow your site visitors to (or restrict them from) order prints of the photos or gift items from the photos, such as mugs or calendars. You can leave the prices at the current wholesale price to your visitors, or you can set your own prices and make a profit from the sale of the products. You can allow your visitors to download their own copy of the photos, if you wish, and you can password protect certain folders or albums.


The biggest advantage to this option is that you can upload and manage your photos on your own, at any time, through any web browser. We do not have to be involved.


To see an example of this type of photo page, click here.


Maps Page

There are several ways we can create a maps page for you.


One is to put a link to a MapQuest, Google Maps, or Bing Maps destination on your page. To see an example of this, go to THIS PAGE.


Another way is to simply embed a graphic map right into the page. To see an example of an embedded graphic map, click here.


The way we much prefer to put up a maps page is to embed a Google Map. To see an example of an embedded Google Map, click here. The advantage of the Google Map is that it's totally interactive, and visitors can go from that map to a larger one, and get directions from where they are.


For any map page, you will have to tell us all the pertinent information for what you want to show on your map.


Visitor Response Page

A Visitor Response Page is a way for you to get information from your visitors and have it emailed directly to you, without giving out your email address.

The most common example of this type of page is a "Contact Us" page, but there are also many other uses for this, such as booking requests, volunteer worker forms, etc.


To see an example of a fairly extensive visitor response page, click here.


Links Page

On a Links Page, you can put links to other websites.

These websites can be your organization's sponsors, best customers, resource information sites, friends, or any other types of links you would like to incude to other websites.


To see an example of one types of Links Page, click here.


Forum Page

A "Forum" is a place where visitors can register and discuss any topic you assign. This can be an excellent traffic-generating tool, but you need to be careful to assign a moderator to each forum, just to maintain the tone of the discussion.


You will be able to administer this forum entirely on your own, without our help.


Blog Page

A "Blog" (short for weB LOG) is essentially an online journal. We will set up your blog so it is integral to your website.


We can set up your blog so you can either allow or deny reader responses.


To see an example of a blog page, click here, and another, here.


You will be able to make entries to and administer your blog entirely on your own. To get started, we will need you to send us two or three blog articles you have written.


Newsletter Signup

If you want to stay in touch with your visitors, we strongly suggest allowing them to sign up for your newsletter.


We can set up your newsletter software for you, that will allow your visitors to sign up on their own, manage their own subscription, and allow you to send out newsletters on your own schedule, without our help.

To see an example of a newsletter signup page, click here.


With this capability, you can have several different newsletters at once. For example, you could have one newsletter for customers seeking sale merchandise, another for new releases, and yet a third for bulk clearance seekers.


Guestbook Page

This is a page that allows people to sign as a visitor and leave you a message.


Video Page

We can also embed video on a page. The preferred method for this is through use of a YouTube video.

We will embed an existing YouTube video on any other page without additional charge.


If you have a video but it is not in uploadable format, we can help you with that as well.


To see an example of an embedded video, click here.


Polls and Surveys

We can set up your website so you have special pages where your visitors can answer a poll or take a survey.


Restricted Access Pages

If you would like to have an area of your site that is restricted access, so that a password is required to see it, we can set that up for you. We can set this up such that a single password is used for anyone to access the site, or so that each person needs their own username and unique password, approved by you, to get into that content area.



As stated above, there are many more page types we can create for you. If you need something not mentioned here, just ask.