Designing, Building, and Hosting Websites
with David Miller Web Designs


David Miller Web Designs was initially established to build web sites. It's what we do. As we grew, we realized we do much more than build websites, and that's what all the other menu tabs above are about.


In the almost 20 years we have been building web sites, we've discovered a good many things about the right way to build them, and what are the pieces that make up a good website.


On this page, we will share with you our philosophy about what it takes to design a great website, to build that website, and to host it.


Designing Your Web Site - The Right Way

When you decide you want a web site, there are three big things you need to take into consideration. In order of importance, these are the purpose of your site, what you want it to say, and how you want it to look.


Designing your site means laying all these elements out the way they should be, prior to building the site. Frequently, much of this is done on paper. That's right, even in this modern, digital-everything age, we frequently do this sort of thing on real paper.


This is the equivalent of making a blueprint before you begin building a house or office building. Sure, you could maybe build one without the blueprint, but it will be much better with one.


The Purpose Of Your Site

The first consideration in good website design the site's specific purpose. Exactly why do you want a website? What do you want it to accomplish? If you don't know what you want your site to do, how will you know if you've done it? We will work with you to nail down the purpose for your website, so you will be able to evaluate whether the site achieves its purpose.


In designing your web site, we always keep the purpose of your site paramount. Keeping the focus on what your site is about is the most important thing. Everything on your site should support the purpose of your site, or it shouldn't be on there.


Your Website's Content

The second consideration for making your site great is what you say, how you say it, and how your organize it.


As we work with you to create the content of your website, in addition to the above (what you say, how you say it, how you organize it), we also consider such things as copywriting guidelines (please see our copywriting page for more information), search engine optimization (please see our SEO page), and readability for visitors of all levels of education.


If the content of your website does not take all of these factors into account, it could cost you some visitors, and ultimately, some business.


Your Website's Appearance

The third consideration in making your site great is what it looks like. This means how the text, photos, and graphic elements are laid out.


For example, the graphic elements you will have created for your site have to support your site purpose and be pleasing to the eye without being obtrusive. The photographs to be used on your site must have the right composition, color balance, pixel dimensions, and contrast, and the positioning of these around the text elements of the site must lead the site visitor fluidly and smoothly from one area to another.


Integrating the purpose, the content, and the graphic and photo elements into a cohesive and pleasing experience for the visitor is what we do best.



Building Your Web Site - The Right Way

Once your web site's design is outlined, and the elements are ready to go, we then set to work building your site.


This means we will write the code that tells the computers what to do to show visitors the site we have designed.


We use the latest best practices in web site design and construction. This includes consideration of Web 2.0 principles, reusable code segments, and using such modern design principles as CSS3, PHP, javascript and JQuery, and MySQL for database applications where needed. We also optimize your web site for page load speeds, making certain your visitors don't have to wait while a page loads onto their computer.


There are many other tools we use to make certain your site is not just good, but great. We'll be happy to talk with you about all of them if you like.



Hosting Your Web Site - The Right Way

For all our clients' web sites, we use one of the top internet hosting companies in the world. Our hosting company uses multiple-redundant worldwide data centers, with state of the art security, power, and cooling systems. With a better than 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can be confident your web site will always be avaliable. Their fiber optic backbone communications ensure your data is always available over a lightning-fast connection.


For any web site, but particularly for a business web site, you cannot afford to have less than the best hosting available. We provide that.



Conclusion - Designing, Building, and Hosting Web Sites

Affordable, no-hassle web sites. That's what we do at David Miller Web Designs.


We understand most people have better things to do than mess around with a web site. They need a web site, but they don't need the hassle.


That's where we come in. We will take as much of the hassle off your shoulders as you need us to.


We also understand everyone has to work within a budget. Consequently, we will advise you what's the most economical way to get to the website you want. We don't charge for work we don't do.


Bottom line, we always treat you the way we want you to treat us.


So shoot us a call or email, and let us give you a free estimate on your web site.