One of the most overlooked but essential elements of your website is how the text on your pages is written.


What IS Copywriting?

Copywriting is "writing copy" (the text that appears on the page), not the legal copyright protection for created content.


Copywriting is a specialized skill that transforms ideas into easily-understood writing.


It involves such specialties as idea-leading, concept development, proper word usage, and reading level adjustment, as well as meticulous attention to such basic elements as spelling, grammar, and syntax.


Copywriting is a Misunderstood but Essential Element

Copywriting is much like teaching in that most people think they can do a good job of it, all on their own, without any specialized training.


Most people are wrong.


Just like teaching, copywriting is a highly specialized skill requiring hours of study and practice. For example, can you explain the importance of a properly written headline? Do you know the effect on your website of split testing? Can you accurately estimate the Fleisch-Kincaid readability index of your writing, and do you know why that's so critical to how your content is written?


To put this in a more down-to-earth perspective, given the same amount of formal training you have in copywriting, if you think you can fly a multi-engine jet aircraft to a safe landing in zero visibility and gusty winds, or that you can play a violin concerto with orchestral accompaniment, then you might be able to write your own copy effectively.


If not, then you probably need to hire a trained copywriter.


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