ABOUT David Miller Web Designs


We bring over 24 years of website design and building experience to you, having done our first website in 1994.


I began building websites on my own, and have worked with a number of different website design and building professionals over the years. I have a Master's degree in Information Systems from Middle Tennessee State University (2002). I have been chief of computers for three different USAF schools, and was a professional database developer for more than six years, with clients ranging from the U.S. Navy to ritzy country clubs in Palm Springs, to the world's largest workboat company.


I still maintain a network of contacts among the most effective of these professionals, so I can bring in any level of talent needed to build any type of site wanted.


As much of the world moved onto the Internet in the 21st century, people (like me) with decades of computer experience needed to learn an entirely new set of skills.


Designing and building websites takes a wide range of these new skills, including the ability to work with HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets, PHP and MySQL, a large number of different graphics formats, programs, and editors, digital photography editing and formatting, video production, audio file formats, editing, and streaming, Flash™ file formats, both audio and video, online databases, and interactive response forms.


As you can tell, it's taken quite a while to build up competency in all these areas.


The first site I designed and built was for the Gulf Coast Music Games, in about 1994, to provide information for a summer drum and bugle corps show to be held in Pascagoula, MS.


That site is now defunct, but it was my introduction to web design.


Now, with more than 24 years of website designing under my belt, I am more than able to build a website for you. Please see the portfolio page for some samples of my work, from sites that are currently still on line.