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Building websites since 1995, we can help you with all aspects of developing your website. Call us for a free consultation.

Sky's The Limit

Everything from domain registration to hosting to copywriting to photography and videography, we can put together the website you’ve always wanted.

Your Web Presence, Magnified

Your website is your business or personal face, it’s what the world sees about you when they find you on the Internet. And face it – the Internet is where most people find your business today.

Modern Site Design

Today’s websites require a fresh, new look, with contemporary design, layout, and colors. We can do this for you.

No-Hassle Websites

We can do everything for you, meaning NO HASSLE for you! Or if you prefer to be in total control, we can set up your site this way as well.
Targeted Purpose Websites
Your website needs a definite purpose. We help you determine that purpose and target your website to that purpose.

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Mobile-Friendly Designs

More than ever, it is critical that your website be easily accessible on mobile devices. We ensure your site will be mobile-friendly.

Personalized Email Addresses

We can set you up with any number of email addresses @ your domain. This shows a high level of professionalism for your business.

Professional Copywriting

We can write the copy for your website to ensure best visitor engagement, highest response rates, and top-tier profesionalism.

Call or email us today for a free consultation.

Your “Face” on the Internet.

More than ever, your business’ website is the face you present to the public. If you don’t have a website that will capture your visitors’ attention, that will engage them to read about what you do, and will compel them to take action, then there’s no telling how many potential customers you could be missing.

In today’s media-centric culture, all elements of your website come into play, and David Miller Web Designs can help you with all of these elements. Whether it’s photo and color selection or editing, writing the copy that draws new customers to your business, setting out business goals and objectives, or simply designing a site that is easy for your visitors to navigate, we can do it for you.

Developing A Business Website

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The first thing we do is to sit down with you and your people and determine exactly what you want and need in a website. The more time we spend on this, the closer we can come to getting exactly what you want the first time.

Step 2: Website Development

Once we have a good idea of what you want and need in your website, we get to work. We get your domain name, set up hosting, install your content management system, and create the initial content.

Step 3: Adjustments and Training

Once your site is complete and on-line, we get back with you to make sure it’s what you want, and make any necessary adjustments. We also teach you how to create more of your own content.

Years of Experience

Websites Created

Computer Languages Used

Years Website Development

Website and Business Support Services

David Miller Web Designs is much more than just web development. If all we offered were web development, you could count on us for domain name registration, website hosting, actually building the pages in your site, putting these pages on the internet, and setting up your email addresses.

Bring Your Website and Your Business from A Face In The Crowd To Standout

The skills necessary to bring a website from blah to amazing are far more than merely building a website and putting up some content. We can offer everything you need to make your website a true standout. Some of these additional skills we offer include the following.


With professional-grade photo equipment and over a decade of photography experience, we can capture and edit photos needed to give your website the sparkle that will set it above the others.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s simply text added to a photograph or a complete logo or letterhead design, we have the tools, personnel, and experience to produce graphics work you’ll love.


Nothing boosts the engagement and credibility of your website like a video. We have the equipment, software, and expertise needed to write, film, edit, and produce the right video for your site.

Marketing Consultation

To be most effective, a website must focus on what’s important. With our Marketing Consulting services, included with every site we build, we give your site the focus that will bring in customers.

Local Search Marketing

More than 60% of people looking for something start on their phone or tablet. We can get your business and website prominently featured on nearly fifty local search marketing sites.

Social Network Integration

One of the best ways to get your business and website “out there” is to feature it on social networking sites. We can integrate your website with many of these sites.

What's Your PURPOSE?

The most important thing you can determine for your web site is its purpose. Why do you even have a website? We will work with you to determine the answer to this, along with exactly what it is you want your website to accomplish.

Everything else that makes up your web site will stem from the answer to this question.

Tying it Together With a THEME

You want your website to have a professional “face,” to project to your visitors, showing your business or your personal website is not just something “thrown together” as an afterthought.

One of the best ways to accomplish a professional appearance for your site is to have a consistent theme throughout the site. This means consistent use of colors, element locations (for example, you don’t want your visitors to have to search each page just to figure out how to get to where they want to go next), graphics, and other elements of your site.


Over the years, internet web pages have evolved from simple, text-only pages with a few links to the advanced stage we see today. Some web sites are full multimedia presentations, complete with motion video and Dolby sound.

David Miller Web Designs follows all the latest “Best Practices” in web site design, using those techniques proven to be most effective at communicating your message to your visitors.


My pricing model is somewhat different from most other businesses, from most other web design enterprises. You see, while most businesses focus on how they can make the most money for themselves, my focus is on how can I provide the best value for my clients, while still making it worth my time to do the work.

HOURLY is My Preference. 

Right up front, I will tell you I charge $100 per hour for commercial companies, and give up to a 50% discount for charities, 501(c)(3) organizations, churches, and some good friends.

For those discounts, I like to tell people, “I’m giving you half my work for free.”

Why is hourly my preference? And why do I charge this much? Read on.

Having been a professional computer developer since 1985, I have encountered HUNDREDS of different clients, and by far, the most cost-effective way for almost all clients is to hire me by the hour.  The reason for this is because it gives us tremendous flexibility. It gives us the capability of making any small or large changes without having to go through the rigamarole of issuing change orders and contract amendments.

With me working by the hour, my clients have the power to decide for themselves whether this latest change they want is worth it.

And to date, almost every single one of my clients has been happy with what they have paid for the updates they get.

(Almost, I say? Well, I have had some clients fall victim to other fast-talking salespeople who convinced them to jump ship – I have looked at their websites a while after they jumped, and none of them was any better than what they had before they jumped. Some are worse, IMHO, and I’d be willing to give long odds they are paying lots more for it.)

In any case, from my decades of experience, I have found that hourly billing is the very best deal for clients.

“But what about overcharging?” This is a question that often comes to people’s minds when they consider hiring someone by the hour.

My answer to that is that I bill by the minute. Many (most?) web development enterprises have a 2-hour minimum or a 1-hour minimum, meaning if they do ten minutes’ worth of work, you get billed for a full hour, or even two. Pah! That’s no way to operate. It is not unusual for my clients to see line items on their bills for three minutes or six minutes worth of work. To my mind, there’s no reason for me to charge people for work I didn’t do.

Fixed-Price Quotes or Estimates ARE Available.

I do understand that sometimes a business or organization NEEDS to know what something will cost, so they can budget for the item or allocate the expenditure.

In these cases, I am happy to provide a fixed-price proposal, which, when accepted, will become a contract.

Alternatively, I have also given fixed-price or price-range estimates on a verbal agreement, and those have worked out fine as well.

In these proposals/contracts, I try to be as specific as possible as to what the price will be, what will be provided for that price, the time by which it will be finished, and how much it will cost if/when the client wants to add on things not covered in the contract.

Having worked on several contracts for the federal government, I understand how much of a hassle contract amendments can be.

So while working at an hourly rate is my preference, fixed-price contracts ARE available. Just ask.

Why $100 an hour?

There are several reasons for selecting this hourly rate.

I think at the top of the list of reasons is I need to make enough money for it to motivate me to do this work. Because I enjoy it so much is why the rate is not any higher.

I have done thousands of hours of development work billed out at significantly more than $100 an hour, and clients willingly paid this, knowing it was worth it. But billing out at $150 or $225 an hour seems to be NOT affordable for most small businesses, and many medium-sized businesses. I want my clients to be able to afford what they need.

I also have tons of experience and knowledge. I have enough knowledge to know I have barely scratched the surface of what’s out there to learn, but with a Master of Science degree in Information Systems and more than 35 years of computer experience, including being the Chief of Computers at USAF Academic Instructor School, and USAF Extension Course Institute, at the Community College of the Air Force, as a Project Director for BOATRACS/ARCOM, and more than a decade as a professional website developer, I do have a lot of experience and education in my background.

So I settled on $100 an hour as the best compromise between being affordable for my clients and providing sufficient motivation for me to get to work.

So How Can I Get A Discount?

Of course, everyone wants a bargain.

My philosophy is this: If you are a business that makes money, and your website helps your business, then it’s worth $100 an hour (still a bargain!) to have me build it and work on it for you.

If you are a charity, or a private individual, anyone working on a shoestring budget who is struggling to get started or stay up and running, then talk to me and we’ll see what we can do.

I strongly believe in free enterprise, and in the charity and generosity that free enterprise engenders.  I believe the more we help each other, the better our world will be for all of us.


Just use our CONTACT FORM to shoot me an email and ask! I’m always happy to hear from prospective new clients.

Modern or Traditional Layout Options

Whether you prefer a modern site (like this site’s layout) or a more traditional site layout, we can set it up to best suit what you’re trying to accomplish with your site.

Multi-Column Layout

There are some instances in which you will want individual elements of your website to occupy multiple columns. This is an example of multiple column layout.

Element Icons

We have a full complement of icons from which to choose, to draw attention to the individual elements on your page.

Individual Photographs

If you want to feature your staff, we can add photographs of individuals wherever you want them to appear on your site.
Example Personnel Image #1
Example Personnel Image #2

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